Update Network Profile & Payout Method

Update Network Profile
Network Profile is a profile description that will require evaluation by a get88* Admin. If
you are deemed unsuitable to be our affiliates, your account will not be activated to access
get88* advertising material. The Network Profile should be a concise but enthralling pitch of
why get88* would be excited about potentially working with you.

For example:
Who are you in relation to the website you represent? What is your role?
Where do you promote your site (and hence, the advertiser)?
How do you solicit traffic?
Why should the advertiser work with you?

To update Network Profile – click ‘My Account’, followed by click ‘Update Network
Profile’. Indicate the website that you represent and elaborate on your profile description in
the Proposal. You are allowed to add more than add more than one (1) Proposal in your
Network Profile.


Update Payout Method is compulsory for us to keep this information,
at the end of the day- we will need to transfer the commission/earnings to the respective
banking account details stated. That’s the importance for you and us.
Make sure to fill it up yea! 

To add a new Payout Method– Go to ‘My Account’ and select ‘Update Payout Method’ on
the main menu. Click ‘Payout Method’ and choose from the available payout options.
Finally, update the form with the required payout details and click ‘Submit’.

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