What is RS or Hybrid Commission?

Today, we will go through what type of commission that we are offering in get88*! Our commission plan will allow you to earn up to 45% commission on the lifetime net revenue of each new player.

Let’s go through the type of commission that we are offering that will be great deal that you can’t miss out.
i.) Revenue Share (RS)
ii.) Hybrid (RS+ CPA)

1. Revenue Share (RS)
After referring players to a brand, you will earn via a percentage of the net gaming revenue generated by the referred players.  In short, you need to introduce and engage with quality players to deposit into any of the brands, you will get commission up to 45%!

For each partner, they will have different tiers of commission for you to earn. You can login to get88* Affiliate backoffice, then go to ‘Advertising Material’ and click on ‘Program List’.

From the ‘Program List’, you will see the list of Partners that offered “Revenue Share”.
Click on the {+} to view the commission plan of our Partners.

For Revenue Share model, You need to remember that the more they (player) deposit, the more you will get!

That’s our reward to all our Affiliates.

2.  Hybrid (RS+ CPA)

Our hybrid commission model is a unique and dynamic marriage between both the Revenue Share (RS) and CPA models. It offers affiliates flexibility of choice as well as the benefits of both the Revenue Share (RS) and CPA models. Under this commission structure, affiliates can earn upfront incomes (similar to CPA) while also enjoying a share of long-term profits (similar to Revenue Share (RS)).

Before we move further, let us explain a bit what is Cost Per Acquisition (CPA), this commission model is for those who are looking for short-term earnings
affiliates are incentivized and rewarded based on the number of depositing players that are referred to us.

In get88*, if you able to recruit a new player deposited  with minimum MYR30 with a minimum turnover amount of MYR30. You will get MYR30 per player.
To put it simple, 1 new player deposit min. amount of MYR30, you will earn MYR30 per player.

Now is the REAL DEAL happen ! 

In get88*, we will merge with CPA+RS together as a HYBRID commission for you to earn more.
After a new player deposit with min. amount of MYR30 , you will earn MYR30 per player + (RS)the  percentage of the net gaming revenue generated by the referred players.

Currently only 2 Partners offering Hybrid commission model in get88*:-
1) M777
If you are a beginner in Affiliate Marketing, make sure you don’t miss out this opportunity of getting the best of both deal.
These 2 Partner is definitely a good choice for you to kickstart in get88*!

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