Get Sub-Affiliate Get MORE EARNINGS!

get88* allows you to increase and maximize your earnings potential through its Sub-Affiliates commission model.  To take advantage of this model, an affiliate has to refer a family or friend to our affiliate program. Once introduced and approved, the introducing affiliate can gain a share of their profits. Hence, the more members you introduce to the affiliate program, the more income you earn.

In get88* Affiliate Backoffice, you can get the sub-affiliates at ‘Advertising Material’, Click ‘Sub-Affiliate Links.

You can select “Link Banner” or “Image Banner”.

Link Banner will redirect the users to the specific page, whereas for the Image Banner– you can either preview or download the image for your promoting uses and you can also use the “Get Code” to be embedded into your HTML website as HTML banners.

There are various ways to get more sub-affiliates, you can just share out to your social media platform, write an article to promote, email blastout, sms blastout, whatsapp blastout and many more! Lots of ways to help you to earn more and more money. Be bold and take a step ahead, the money is waiting for you.  To be part of get88* is simple, all you need to do is Join, Share and Earn!

“Good things are meant to be shared.”


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