There are various ways to use the Image banner.
In this post, we will show you 2 ways on using the image banner in get88*.

Option 1: Post Image with attached Links

For this post, we will use Facebook as an example to use the Image Banner.

Step 1: Upload on Facebook Status

Go to your Facebook page and click “Add Photo/Video”.  Select Upload Photos/Video to upload your image. Please note that the best would be to upload the banners with the Facebook Size (1200×630) for high resolution.

Step 2: Image Selected

Once you have selected the banner you want to post, it will appear as per below. The image shown will be exactly what it is when you post on your timeline.

Step 3:  Attach a link into your Facebook post.

In order for get88* to successfully track your conversion, you need to attach a direct links to the correct destination URL’s to increase the conversion rate.

  1. Go to Affiliate Programmes
  2. Click on Advertising Materials
  3. Go to Link Banner
  4. Choose one of the landing destination page. Click on ‘Get Link’ and copy the URL’s
    For example, after the readers click on the link, you want them go to M777 Registration page. Then you go to M777 Registration – ‘Get Link’ and copy the URL’s to post on Facebook.

Step 4: Shortening the URL

The link that you copy from “Get Link”- it might very lengthy that will reduce the conversion rate for your readers to click it. Hence, we need to shorten the links to make it look more presentable when you want to post it. You can use Google URL shortener ( – a free and easy tools to create short URLs. Select the URL that you want to advertise and paste it in the field provided.

Remarks: URL shortener will not affect the tracking link. The tracking link and the unique ID are still encrypted in the link. 

Step 5: Google URL Shortener

You can copy the links that we mention on [Ste p4] and paste it in the field provided in Google URL shortener. Once you paste the URL and click on the “Shorten URL”, you will get the shorten URL in the new pop-up box. Copy that link and paste it in your Facebook post on
[Step 3].

Step 6: Posting on Facebook

After selected the image banner that you want to upload, write a message to introduce/summarize the ad that you are promoting so that it would be easier for your readers to understand. For this example, it is the M777 banner with the message. Please also include the shorten URL link and paste it below the message. Please remember to paste it, if not the image does not lead to the partner landing page.

Step 7: Post the Ad!

Once you have your image, message and your link, the ad is ready to be posted! It will look like the image below. Notice the link? It will lead the readers to the partner landing page. Also, the tracking link has already been encrypted in the link. Now, let’s hope your readers click on the link to register become a player and you will earn CASH!

Option 2: Use “Get Code” Script to insert into HTML (For Website/Blog)

Step 1: Log in to get88* Affiliate BackOffice
Step 2: Go to Menu and select “Advertising Material” > “Image Banner”.
Step 3: Choose the image that you want your audience to see.
Step 4: Click and Copy the script from “Get Code”
Step 5: Paste the Script from “Get Code” into the Website/Blog HTML.


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