Is Affiliate Marketing Growing?

There are quite a number of people will say that affiliate marketing won’t work and we are unable to create any income from affiliate marketing, is that really true?

If you able to do some googling in your free time, you will get couple of facts below:

  1. The practices of affiliate marketing might be sounds like a new trends in Malaysia, but in fact this practices has been existed since year 1994. You dunno leh? According to Forrester Research analysts, the affiliate marketing industry is going to grow to $4.5Billion by the year of 2016.
  2. eMarketer estimates that m-commerce opportunities will reach over $100 billion by 2017. For those of you who don’t know what the “m” stands for in m-commerce, it means mobile phones, smart phones, tablets etc.

You may google more facts and figure of the growth of this industry. We would like to point out that affiliate marketing is going places and able to promises to help people generate a good income.  Like anything else you do , make sure you do your own research to find out what people are wanting and needing. While many of you see affiliate marketing as programs like ( just an example folks  – Empower network), there are other styles of affiliate programs that you should look into from joining affiliate networks such as  LinkShare, Clickbank or Commission Junction  or finding products  that are similar such as on Amazon.

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