Affiliate Success: Cardplayer

Online Poker or Blackjack is one of the favorite game play by people around the world.

Gaming companies need to recruit new players all the time and rely heavily on affiliates to find them.

Being a gaming affiliate can be very lucrative. The competition is brutal, but a handful of big affiliates make a killing.

Cardplayer is one of the major players in this niche.

They started off as a print magazine, which has nearly 30,000 readers. According to Similar Web, the site receives over half a million visitors every month. If they can convert even a tenth of a percent of that traffic, you better believe they’re ballers.

How did they do it?

By being the best of the best online gaming publishers and review sites on the web.

They built a huge, content-rich site that’s helpful to people looking for the best games.

Here are some ways Cardplayer stands out:

  • They have really good content. This helps them build trust as industry leaders and dominate the front page for search terms like “poker tournaments” and “card player.
  • Their landing pages are useful. They don’t take the shotgun approach and blast their landers with a ton of affiliate links. They have long descriptions of each site. People reading call tell why each site is good.

If you knew a bit about poker, you’d be able to tell the site has some good info. It’s not super cheap outsourced content and these guys are obviously a massive affiliate marketing success story.

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