A Beginner’s Guide to Affiliate Marketing

Spend enough time on the Internet and there’s a high chance you will encounter online advertorials, those that proudly declare you can earn thousands of dollars each month just by working from home. Sounds intriguing, yes? But reactions toward these ads are often divided – people either buy the idea or dismiss it completely as a potential scam. The second reaction isn’t uncommon and to be fair, there are plenty of dubious sites out there that have contributed to this negative perception. There are horror stories aplenty of people who have signed up for such a program, only to find out that it’s a racket that involves spending money buying fake marketing/training materials, then tricking others into doing the same thing.

However, that is not the case with get88*, a legitimate and rapidly growing affiliate marketing network that is also one of the first of its kind in the region. get88* isn’t just any other affiliate marketing platform; it also provides its member affiliates with a solid framework and the tools necessary to succeed.

Interested? get88* is here to help you on your journey to being a successful affiliate marketer. Just stick with us and we’ll help you get started!



Before getting on board with *get88’s affiliate marketing platform, you should do your research and immerse yourself in the iGaming industry. After all, the best way to build your knowledge of something is to be a part of it and in that way, you can also develop some ideas about the iGaming industry’s market potential. Is there an audience and would you be able to contribute to further growth of this market? Another important aspect to consider is whether the industry interests and appeals to you.



Browse get88* and get acquainted with our network’s growing stable of brands; each brand has its own unique range of products. Once you have found the brands that are the right fit for you, you are ready to start promoting.



Now that you are ready to start promoting, the next best thing you can do to kick-start your affiliate marketing campaign is to create a website. To set up a website, you will need to find a hosting provider and choose a domain name, which will be the official link and name of your website. Here’s a quick tip: the catchier the domain name, the higher the likelihood that it’ll be memorable. Once you’ve got your domain all set up, you can install free content management systems like WordPress to customize the look of your website. There is a large selection of free templates/themes that you can choose from, or you could spend a little on a high quality one that you like and that serves your needs – the choice is up to you.



Like every other page on the World Wide Web, the purpose of users visiting websites is to obtain more information about a particular topic. Similarly, your newly created website should serve that purpose. Filling your website with relevant, important, and useful information of the product/service you are promoting is key to attracting visitors to your site. Also note that the quality of content available on your website is often the yardstick by which the legitimacy of your business is judged by. When it comes to content creation, there are multiple avenues that you can utilize when going about this process. For example, you can engage a third party (i.e. freelance writers) to help you generate original content regarding the industry/products you wish to promote. To boost the results of your affiliate marketing campaigns, it may be helpful to include your affiliate links in these articles, in places where you think visitors are most likely to see them and be interested enough to click on them. These links will then redirect visitors to the relevant iGaming product site. Upon registering and making their first deposit, you will get to enjoy a commission.



Once you are satisfied with how your website looks to potential visitors, it is time to start promoting it to attract more page views, and in turn, increase your earning potential through commissions from sales referrals. Explore different marketing strategies that will help you reach out to your intended target audience. For example, if you’re looking to hone in on an Internet savvy audience, you will definitely want to invest your resources in search engine optimization (SEO) so that your website will be more likely to show up on search engines’ results when users search for topics related to iGaming.


Alternatively, you can think out of the box and get creative with how you choose to market yourself – you can increase your exposure through popular social media channels, place online advertisements, or even consider offline marketing.




At a glance, building the foundation to your affiliate marketing business might seem like a monumental task but hopefully, with the step-by-step guide we’ve provided above, getting the ball rolling has been made a whole lot easier. Setting up an affiliate marketing business will require some commitment of time and effort – like everything else worth having, growing something of value takes time and it rarely happens overnight. However, in the long run, your efforts will pay off and lead to a stable and solid side income.


If you have any uncertainties or require any further clarification regarding the process of setting up your online affiliate marketing business, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at *get88. Let us help you build something successful with us, together!

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