The True Earning Potential of Affiliate Marketing

In the previous article where we covered the 5 reasons why affiliate marketing is a great avenue to earn an income, we quickly skimmed over the aspect of an affiliate marketer getting to decide his/her own hours, and also briefly mentioned the limitless earning potential that he/she gets to enjoy. Running your own business as an affiliate marketer comes with numerous opportunities and enviable perks, but for the uninitiated, all of these may sound too good to be true. It is not uncommon for newbies to harbour questions about just how much one can earn as an affiliate marketer but it is important to keep in mind that the endeavour is very similar to running one’s own business – if you make it your baby, there is no reason why it would not flourish. Successful affiliate marketers will attest to the viability and feasibility of earning a full time income through this method.

To demonstrate the above point, here’s an example we’ve put together for you. Don’t worry, get88* will break down the math and crunch the numbers for you, so you won’t have to break a sweat!


Based on one of get88*’s basic commission model (CPA), if you, as our affiliate marketer, could successfully manage just ONE new registration and deposit each day, you would be able to cash in on extra earnings of MYR210 per week. Add that up and you’d be looking at a pretty decent sum of MYR840 per month. Trust us when we say that we have plenty of affiliates who are able to generate way more than that!

If you explore some of the other commission models offered by get88*, such as our hybrid model known as the Revenue Share, you could further boost your affiliate earnings and earn as much as MYR45,000 per month. Just think of all the wonderful things you could do with that much extra money!

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