Successful Affiliate Marketing WITHOUT A WEBSITE

In previous articles on get88* affiliate marketing, we covered a variety of topics that encompass aspects such as the essentials of affiliate marketing, how it works, and pointers on how you can work your way towards becoming successful in the field. If you’ve been paying attention, you would remember that setting up a website is a central feature that aspiring affiliate marketers are strongly encouraged to incorporate into their business strategy. However, having a website is not the be all end all in this business. Perhaps you’re still in the process of learning about how websites work or perhaps, it’s simply unnecessary for you to create one because it doesn’t have a place in your business strategy; whatever the reason may be, the key component to your success as an affiliate marketer is disseminating your affiliate link amongst your targeted audience and you can get creative with how that is accomplished. Here are a few examples to help get you started on thinking out of the box:


SMS, Private Messaging & Social Messaging Apps
There is no better place to get the word out and to build your network from the ground up than with those around you. Tap into your own database of contacts, then reach out to them with via channels such as SMS, online private messaging or direct messaging, or through social messaging apps such as WeChat, LINE, Whatsapp, Telegram, etc. Aside from your affiliate link, your message should be memorable yet succinct and have an irresistible call-to-action. Also remember that when it concerns social messaging, something that is short and catchy would work wonders – people will be more likely to read your message in its entirety and it could be easily forwarded to others, too.


Blogs, Forums & Discussion Boards
The Internet is a vast wonderland filled with innumerable avenues for knowledge. Websites in the format of blogs, forums threads, and discussion boards are popular choices for likeminded people to trade information. As a get88* affiliate, websites that center on discussions of online gaming and casino games are prime spots for you to appeal to your intended audience. To increase your chances of this endeavour being a successful one, you will need to establish yourself as someone who can be trusted and build a rapport with others. For example, you could try contributing to the ongoing conversation in a particular thread and/or actively engage others in social interactions. Whenever relevant, you can bring up the products you are promoting or just include your affiliate link as a signature, at the bottom of your post.

By building some degree of trust, people will be more inclined to what you have to offer. However, the copout method of just spamming sites with your affiliate link will do nothing but cause others to be wary of your posts (and you might even get banned from some forums).


Be An Online Reviewer
Trust in your expertise and authority are often key factors that help some of the best marketing people secure a sale. As a get88* affiliate marketer, you can establish yourself as a person of knowledge by reviewing online casino websites on unbiased platforms such as,, or Many people seek out genuine and honest feedback of online casinos, so a post on a review website could attract a lot of attention.


Social Media Marketing
Add value to your affiliate marketing business with original content that will help you stand out. There are plenty of readily available content creation tools that you can take advantage of to showcase your creative flair, and some of these tools are already plugged into a few of the world’s most popular social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. The Internet is constantly hungry for fresh, exciting, and (most importantly) original content; if you are able to deliver, your earning potential would be multiplied manifold. Do keep in mind though, that as a responsible affiliate marketer, you must never mislead your audience or make false claims just to close a sale. You can let your hair down and be as quirky or as idiosyncratic as you want to go viral, but deception is a no-no. The best way to appeal to potential customers and to keep your followers is to prioritize the quality of your content. From short and snappy Instagram/Facebook stories to full length YouTube videos, there is just so much you could do if you harness the power of social media.


Write An eBook & Make It Go Viral
Many people want to go viral these days, and it’s all for a good reason. Something that has ‘gone viral’ refers to a product that is spreading far and wide very quickly. By writing something like an eBook, which is text-based, you will be presented with many opportunities to insert your affiliate link all throughout the body/content. Don’t be put off by the seemingly overwhelming prospect of being an author; an eBook can be short and simple. As a get88* affiliate marketer, you may want to consider topics of interest in the casino gaming industry, such as how-to guides for specific casino games, poker gaming tips, a guide to playing slot games, and more. Make it a point to keep your book informative and useful instead of simply filling it affiliate ads so your eBook preserves it value. Once the eBook is good to launch, you distribute it online by selling it or giving it away for free.


Online Advertising
Paying for an online advertising campaign is no doubt a fast and east method to utilize since pay-per-click advertisements through renowned search engines (i.e. Google, Yahoo, Bing) are straightforward. While effective to a certain degree, this method may not be the wisest and here are 2 reasons why:

  1. In the case of Google’s AdWords, only ONE paid listing for a particular website can be displayed at any given time. Pair this with the fact that businesses that partner with affiliate marketers often engage multiple affiliates at any given time. So, when you execute an online advertising campaign (without your own website), you are essentially competing against other affiliate advertisers for that ONE listing. You will most likely have to pay a higher amount just get to accomplish that and it may not be a worthwhile spend.
  2. If you don’t have a website, that would means that you would need to use your affiliate link when running an online advertising campaign, and that link will lead a user to the actual merchant’s business page. Taking into account that search engines are getting smarter and want to offer their users more refined results, they have been designed to rank pages for content. If the merchant you are affiliated with has a poorly designed website and/or subpar content, you will most likely have to make up for it in the amount you pay for each advertisement, which again, may not be a worthwhile spend.


In the process of refining their strategies, affiliates will naturally experiment with a mixture of marketing methods to determine which tactics best meet their needs. We encourage you to make full use of the available get88* resources as you embark on your journey with us as our affiliate and unleash your full marketing potential!

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