Alternative Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

In this installment of tips and tricks to effective affiliate marketing by get88*, we will shine the spotlight on alternative ways that have been proven to drive traffic to your website. While there is no diminishing the importance and effectiveness of mainstream methods of boosting your site’s traffic – Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising – diversity is a recipe for success. The rationale for embracing a healthy mix of marketing methods is rooted in the belief that one should never put all of one’s eggs in a single basket. Becoming all too reliant on just one or two sources of traffic may put your business at risk should things go south; seasoned online marketing experts can attest to just how quickly search engines update/change their algorithms, thus keeping everyone on their toes at all times. Plus, the versatility of the Internet means that there should be no shortage of opportunities for you to take advantage of, so it would be pretty myopic to just limit yourself to only one or two methods when you could be growing your traffic by leaps and bounds!



If you look back on one of our more recent posts, we suggested that trawling blogs, forums, and discussion boards could be used to help you get the word out on the brand or products you are affiliated with, even if you are an affiliate marketer without your own website. Similarly, this method would help drive traffic to your site as well but bear in mind that it is a method that requires an investment of time and effort. Marketers sometimes overlook this method as unfavourable as being linked from forums and blogs does not help a site’s SEO ranking, but ultimately, the purpose is to drive traffic to your page and to capture the interest of as many viewers as possible.

Here’s a great rule of thumb when seeking opportunities to promote on blogs, forums, or discussion boards. When on such sites where members discuss online casino-related topics, you won’t want to come across as a shady poster or as a spammer who is only posting links (especially since there are already plenty of those!). Initiate a conversation or get inducted into one, then build towards promoting your get88* products in a helpful way that is not intrusive or objectionable. When members are convinced that they are engaging with a genuine person, they are more likely to be receptive towards the products you recommend.



Linking is an integral part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as links from other sites and external sources as they help your search engine rankings. However, one should not get entirely too hung up on just raising one’s SEO ranking because even though linking is essential to your site’s SEO ranking, links from external lower ranking sites may actually help drive quality traffic to yours, which is the fundamental goal you want to achieve with links.

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