Getting Started Online: Doing It Fast

Now that you have made the decision to join the world of affiliate marketing, the factor you must consider now is how you would like to go about building your business. If you would like to minimize costs, you could opt for the slow and steady route that would allow you ample time to get a feel for the business. Alternatively (and preferably), if you have more a more dispensable budget, you could proactively push for faster results through a series of useful and effective methods. Speed in going to market is important and the pace you set at the beginning of your business can determine whether you start off on the right or wrong foot. Here are some popular and proven methods to quickly build your affiliate marketing business and get favourable results.


In the world of Internet marketing, a ‘squeeze page’ is what marketers often refer to as a one-page landing page that has been specifically designed to obtain an important piece of visitor’s data, specifically, their email address. Usually obtained for subscription purposes, a ‘squeeze page’ is often highly effective as there is only one accessible page by the visitor, unlike a full-fledged website that is content heavy.

A lot newbie Internet marketers make the mistake of getting too ambitious and overextending their focus on creating big websites with massive amounts of content but ultimately, get trapped in the burdensome task of having to create all that content. Plus, not only will you need to pour all your resources into content creation, but you will also eventually need to figure out a way to put all the pieces of your website together and figure out what goes where.

With a ‘squeeze page’, the direction is easy and the options are clear cut – enter your details or exit the page.


Your ‘squeeze page’ is a marketing tool that lets you pitch to your visitors. As a get88* affiliate marketer, your goal should be to entice and incentivize visitors to sign up with an online casino website through YOU. Sometimes, in order to prompt others into taking a particular course of action, you may need to offer them an incentive and there is no better place to market this than on a ‘squeeze page’, whose sole purpose is to capture your visitor’s full attention without any distraction and to convince them that they should really want what you are offering. How you design your ‘squeeze page’ to achieve this effect is entirely up to you, but offering them something for free is sure to pique their interest… because, let’s face it, who doesn’t love getting free stuff? To this end, offering your potential customers a free downloadable eBook or even access to a proprietary video that isn’t widely disseminated (thus the air of exclusivity) will hook them. Remember to make your pitch irresistible and build their curiosity with tempting phrases such as:

  • How to get BIG WINS at an Online Casino (suggestion: specify the name of the casino)
  • 7 EASY steps to hitting the JACKPOT… no XYZ needed!
  • Discover the SECRET to Mastering Slot Games
  • Unlock EXCLUSIVE Bonuses & Rewards at [Name of Casino]


The higher the number of visitors to your page, the higher the likelihood that some of those visitors will sign up through your page. In the sphere of online marketing, some facts are inescapable and ultimately, it is still a game of numbers. However, you will be glad to know that with the right and consistent amount of investment, you can advertise in multiple ways to get a healthy boost of traffic to your website. One resourceful method we highly recommend for affiliate marketers is the ‘solo ad’ method, which will allow you to tap into a website’s existing database of subscribers. How it works is that you partner up with a website and whenever they then reach out to their own subscribers through newsletters or direct mailers, they promote your website, etc. Not all websites who offer the option of solo ads will advertise that they are doing it, so your best bet is to be proactive and to reach out to webmasters who you think may be interested in helping you through solo ads / sponsored emails. If the website you are paying does not often offer solo ads but are willing to do so, that may be to your advantage because then, their subscribers may not be already exposed to tons of other ads on a regular basis and thus, will tend to be more responsive.


If you want to get your business up and running fast, and start seeing fast results, a straightforward one-page ‘squeeze page’ is a great way to go about it. After all, you would only need ONE page and would not have to worry about sinking in the effort to set up a big website. That takes a lot of work off of your plate.

Additionally, going down the ‘squeeze page’ route also means that you get to skip out on the often tedious task of researching keywords, linking to your site, and building your site’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ranking. As long as you pay for methods to keep traffic flowing in to your site, you can keep doing so independent of search engines.

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