How get88* Uses Cookies to Track Your Earnings

Now that you are all up to speed on how you can get your affiliate marketing business off the ground, along with our helpful tips on ways you can be more effective at achieving success, we will broach the topic of how get88* tracks your earnings, which is by way of Internet cookies. Also known as ‘Web cookies’, or more commonly just referred to ask ‘cookies’, it is the term that is widely used to describe the mechanism that allows Web pages to identify returning users so it can present you with customized information based on info you’ve already provided (i.e. recommendations), save login information, and more. How a cookie works is that it is basically a type of message given to a Web browser, originating from a Web server. When you first visit a website that uses cookies, you may be prompted to provide certain types of information, such as your name, age, location, email address, and more. The information you have provided is then compiled into what we refer to as a cookie and stored on your Web browser so the next time you visit that same site, your browser will send that stored cookie to the corresponding Web server. Since a Web server is unable to retain information, it therefore has no memory; cookies work great in this aspect as they help websites remember who you are and what your preferences are.

For affiliate marketers, cookies are beneficial too, as they can help you hone in on and identify the source of your referrals. With get88*, the cookies used are 14-day cookies, which means that stored cookies will stay active for a maximum of 14 days. This 14-day period makes way for a high chance of conversion, as a potential referral will have plenty of time to register an account. If a referral registers while our get88* cookies are active, it will allow us to track the source of the referral and credit the corresponding affiliate correctly. In short, get88*’s cookies will help you earn!

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